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Product Description

Equipment introduction

This series of equipment is independently developed by our company and applied to the detection of true and false seals in the economic investigation and criminal investigation industries. Through the principle of in-depth learning, high accuracy determination of true and false seals can be realized.

Device function

High-precision alignment: The high-precision alignment of seals is realized through the software independently developed by our company, which is convenient for true and false judgment.

Elimination of the same seal difference: This equipment can eliminate the same seal difference through the principle of in-depth learning and improve the accuracy of judgment.

Identification of differences between different seals: This equipment can realize the identification of differences between different seals. The difference part is blue to judge seals more intuitively.

Seal integrity identification and processing: This equipment can identify the integrity of the seal according to the image and process according to the integrity.

Mixed identification and processing of seals and other contents: This equipment can realize identification and processing when seals and other contents are mixed, with flexible movement.

Main Specifications

Test items


Detection rate


False positives




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