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Product Description

Equipment introduction

This series of equipment is independently developed by our company and can detect the flatness of the middle frame of various mobile phone models. The equipment can detect the planeness of LCD bin and TP frame, detect the convex and concave areas of the product, input the upper and lower limits by means of parameters, and visually display the area and position of bad areas by means of data and image display.


? High-precision laser measurement with z-axis resolution of 8.5μm, x/y-axis resolution of 56μm, and vertical repeatability of 2μm;

? Interactive flatness browsing, real-time display of flatness deviation at the mouse pointer, color block display convex/concave area, mouse wheel zoom observation details;

? Historical measurement results playback, playback history of a measurement interface and data;

? Set ROI, add/exclude rule graphics (positive rectangles, circles) and irregular polygons;

? Model parameter setting, memory and switching;

? Filter the total number of statistics, the number of good products, the number of defective products, and the yield rate according to the model and time;

? Count the convex/concave area, height, and position of defective products.

Software Description

According to the user ROI area preset, the actual value of the middle frame plane and the theoretical plane difference degree are detected in real time. When the failure is detected, the software will automatically locate the bad accurate position and automatically alert to prompt online processing.

Main Specifications

Test items

LCD bin flatness and TP frame flatness


750~1200 pcs/h (depending on product size)


3~4.8 s/pcs (depending on product size)

Equipment size

L1600*W1000*H1700mm (can be adjusted according to customer needs)

Air pressure

0.5~0.7 Mpa





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