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Product Description

Equipment introduction

This series of equipment is independently developed by our company and applied to on-line visual inspection of PCBA wave soldering plug-in process defects. This equipment system adopts the principle of deep learning and is more intelligent than the traditional vision system.


High efficiency: the output speed of the photographic detection results in the effective FOV is within 3 seconds after the model is solidified.

High accuracy: compared with traditional machine vision, it has higher detection accuracy.

Automation: The equipment can be easily connected to the existing production line, and can run efficiently and synchronously with the production line.

Substitution of labor: standardization of judgment rules and elimination of subjectivity;  Handle defects that cannot be judged manually.




Visual Identification

Judging method

A combination of traditional computer vision and deep learning.


25-million-pixel full digital high speed camera (Upgradable to a foreign camera model).

Light source

400mm*300mm planar backlight.

Inspection Items

Inserting component miss/error;

Polar components direction error;

Component tilt;

Color ring resistors error;

Component color error;

PCBA inspection

PCB Size


Part height


Software system

Operation System

Microsoft Windows 10。

One-click import

Support the import of Gerber files of the PCB to improve the efficiency of model building.

Model saving

Support model saving. One PCB board only needs to be modeled once, which constitutes efficient data management.

Mixed and pannel boards

Support inspection for mixed or pannel boards.

Mixed material

Support inspection for mixed component material.

MES docking

Provide MES connection port to quickly connect to the demand side.

Control and other


i5-8400/4G/1T/WIFI/Windows10, 64-bit system.


21.5-inch IPS widescreen, 1080P full HD, foldable screen.

External button

An external IO button allows the operator to interact with the software .

Machine Dimensions

Width 655mm* Height 1600mm* Depth 1220mm (including 660mm depth of light source module).


The net weight is about 300kg.

Power Supply


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